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Unit3 Is this your pencil?

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Step1 Warm-up 1.Sing the song: Pen and pencil. 2.Show the picture T: What’s in the picture? Ss: A pencil/ pen/ rubber/ schoolbag/ a ruler/ book Step2 Presentation 1. Game1:See and say 大声说说礼花丛中的单词图片。 2. Game 2 Try to guess! Learn:Is this a ….? S1:Is this a ruler? T: No, it isn’t. S2:Is this a schoolbag? T: No, it isn’t. S3:Is this a pencil case? T: No, it isn’t. S4:Is this a rubber? T: Yes, it is. T:Is that a ...? S1:Is that a schoolbag? T: No, it isn’t. S2:Is that a pencil case? T: Yes, it is. T: Do you have a pencil case? Please show me. 3.Work in groups. A: This isn't my .... Is this your…? B: Yes, it is. A: That isn't my... Is that your …? B: No, it isn’t. Step3  Storytime. 1.    Show Mike and Mike’s pencil T: Look, Is this Mike’s pencil ? Let’s ask Mike.  This isn’t my pen. No, it isn’t. 2.    Watch and answer T:Who helps Mike? Ss: Liu Tao and YangLing T: What does Liu Tao say?   T: What does Yang Ling say? 3.Let’s choose. 1.Who find the pencil at last ? 最后谁找到了那支铅笔? A. Liu Tao B. Yang Ling 2. What colour is the pencil ? A. Red B. Green. C. Yellow 4. Read time. Read after it. Read in a group 5.Let’s show. 要求: 小组合作,进行朗读或表演,赢得高分吧!(3分钟) 1. 基本能准确地朗读出对话(1分) 2. 能流畅地朗读对话或者基本能表演出对话.(2分) 3. 基本能表演出对话,并加上一定的动作及表情.(3分) 4. 能身临其境的表演对话,语气,动作,表情比较到位. (5分) Step4  Production 你跟你的小伙伴在走廊上玩耍的时候看到了一支很漂亮的铅笔,于是你们捡起来,开心的找到了它的主人。 You can use:   Hello,xx Is this/that your pencil/…?   What’s this/that?   Yes,it is./No,it isn’t. Here you are.       Thank you. Step5 Homework 1. Retell the story.     2. Make a new dialogue.